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Our services not only revolve around applied theatre workshops for business and organizations, but include video production, private acting classes and theatre and voice classes. Radiant Hearts focuses on theatre that uplifts, transforms and increases the capacity of individuals to contribute to the betterment of society. 

"Theatre should stop serving the function of making money, for which it has never been and never will be suited, and start serving the revelation and shaping of the process of living, for which it is uniquely suited, for which it, indeed, exists.” ~ Zelda Fichandler

Applied Theatre

Radiant Hearts Theatre company specializes in applied theatre techniques to advance engagement in social discourse, raise capacity for elevating conversations and increase the power of expression. It can also be used to resolve conflict and find solutions within your organization or business group. 

Video Production

Our video production services include marketing videos for theaters or other productions, organizational training videos, social activism initiatives and man-on-the-street informational videos. You can look up some of our past work here.

Private Lessons

Private Acting Lessons focus on whatever aspects of theatre the learner needs - auditions, monologues, character work, vocal dynamics, motivation and authenticity. They are taught by Radiant Hearts founder Justin Johnson.

Theatre Classes

Theatre classes are usually scheduled on an as needed basis depending on the requests received. However from time to time there may be some scheduled. Check for availability here on the website. They include acting classes, voice classes and movement classes.

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